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Title: "Different"
Author: Me
Rating: NC-17
Genre: angst, smut, romance
Pairing: JongHo
Disclaimer: unfortunately don't own them.
Summary: Are "different" people allowed to find happiness? (Still suck at that)

A/N: My second fic and my first smut! Thanks again lovely dongsaengie [info]yesungholic ! She sure is a great help!!!

Not beta-ed, not a native speaker.

Just you know^^ but this fic actually switches from past to presence.

Pls comment. Tell me what you like and what not. I'll try to improve.

"Look at him, what's with that outfit?"
"Disgusting. He has a piercing on his lip. I would never date a guy like that! Gross."
"What's with that weird hair? It's blonde and brown and white? Weird."
"Youth isn't normal anymore. What a disgrace, his poor parents."
Jonghyun was already accustomed to the whispers and stares surrounding him, but that didn't mean he wasn't hurt. Well he wasn't, not anymore, it just brushed off on him.


It was already late and he was on his way back home from practice.
He plays the piano for almost 10 years now, he started when he turned 8.
Walking the same route every day, past the clothing stores, the late night karaoke bars and past that house.
'What is he doing, now?' he thought, staring up at a particular window.


"Hold him up!"
"Hit him harder!" "Hurry, before someone sees" "They wouldn't care anyway"
He was right, they never care. They just walk past him, seeing he was beat up and not doing anything. They never did.
Jonghyun bit his lip to muffle the scream that wanted to leave his lips after a hard blow in his stomach, instead just a pant left him.
He wouldn't scream. They would just enjoy it. He wouldn't grant them the satisfaction.
He could feel himself drift into darkness, the last thing he heard was "Hey, let's rip his piercing off!".
'Shit...' he thought.
Jonghyun felt hands grabbing him, so he would stop fighting. Jonghyun wanted to scream, he wanted someone to save him, but when he felt those cold hands on his lips, he honestly thought he was going to die, right there. He was so scared he blacked out, not feeling anything else.

Jonghyun opened his eyes, confused, not knowing where he was. The last thing he could remember was being grabbed by those guys and them saying they would rip off his piercing. He touched his lip and felt it completely bruised and he couldn't help but feel tears in his eyes. "No way..." He whispered, trying to hold the tears. He didn't even noticed the figure kneeling in front of him.
"You shouldn't cry..." Jonghyun heard. He saw a man looking at him with worried eyes, and he couldn't help but think how handsome this guy was. "W...Who are you?" Jonghyun asked, very confused and too tired to freak out.
Jonghyun saw a small smile coming from the man in front of him. "My name is Minho...I saw what those guys were doing to you...I kinda kicked their bony asses and then brought you to my house." He said smiling and Jonghyun couldn't help but blush. "How do you 'kinda kick their bony asses'?" Jonghyun asked Minho while raising a brow.


"Jongyhun." he gasped as strong arms pulled him by the waist and his back met a well-built chest.
He looked up to the one who embraced him and blushed instantly.
"Baby, why are you standing in the cold? Come on let's go in."

"Uhh...Minho..." Jonghyun panted.
Minho licked the hot shaft of Jonghyuns cock up and down, occasionally taking the tip in his mouth and sucking on it. Loving the sounds his lover made, the trembling and arching of his back.
"Ahh...Minho...don't tease...please. I want you so bad."
"I know babe." He took his member in his mouth, which led to Jonghyun arching his back and moaning his name.
"Ahh Minho...more..." It was so amazing how he knew how to please his lover, how he knew where to touch him to make him moan like crazy.
Minhos head started bobbing up and down, taking Jonghyuns member fully in his mouth, making him moan and pant harder.
"Minho..ahh..Minho...I-I'm going to..." but Minho wouldn't let him cum just yet, he removed his mouth from Jonghyun, drawing a moan of protest from the older boy.
He took Jonghyuns lips in a rough kiss exploring his sweet mouth.
"Minho...I can't wait anymore...please." Jonghyun rubbed himself on Minho, who let out a deep growl.
"Baby..." Minho said with lustful eyes staring at his lover.
He pulled him into a rough kiss and thurst into him.
Jonghyuns scream got muffled in Minhos mouth, he dug his nails in Minhos broad shoulders and thightened around Minho.
"Ugh, Jonghyun...so thight...relax, baby" He trailed Jonghyuns jawline with kisses.
Jonghyun seemed to relax a little "Move."
Minho pulled out and thurst into him again, making Jonghyun moan in pleasure.
"Ahhh Minho...uuhh" He pulled Minho down into a sloppy kiss as he still thursts into Jonghyun.
"Harder..Minho" Minho thursts harder, his thursts comming irregular, feeling his stomach thighten, awaiting his orgasm.
"Ahhh..ahhh..Minho!!" Jonghyun screamed as he orgasms hard thightening around Minho and bringing him to the edge.
A few thursts more and he joins his lover with his own orgasm, spilling his hot seed into Jonghyun.
He falls on top of Jonghyun stroking his hair and trying to catch his breath.

"Minho...I love you." Jonghyun said after catching his breath.
"I love you too baby."
"I was afraid I never would find anybody to love me."
"I'm glad you didn't...not until I came into your life."
"I'm glad you are differend Minho."
"I'm glad we are different Jonghyun." 

Ugh crappy smut..sorry v.v
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