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Title: "Bliss"
Author: Me
Rating: PG
Genre: fluff, angst
Pairing: JongHo
Disclaimer: unfortunately don't own them.
Summary: Two people love each other, but they don't know how the other one feels. They are separated and when they find each other again, what will happen? (ugh sorry..I suck at that)

A/N: Well, this is my first first time writing anything o.o. JongHo is my OTP so my first fic is for them!!

I had a lot of help from my beloved dongsaengie [info]yesungholic !  Dongsaengie thanks for your help! without you I wouldn't have had the courage to post this!
She actually helped me write some parts, guess which they are? They are better, you can tell xD
This was inspired by her fic "It started with a drink" if you haven't read it yet shame on you go read it! It's awesome!

I'm not a native speaker, so sorry for any errors. 
Don't hate on me if you don't like..xD first time and I think it lacks something.
Please comment, wanna know everyones opinion and improve.

 "Minho, you look a little strange." Minho looked to his side and saw his hyung and best friend looking at him with a worried look. "Well, I mean stranger than usual." He said with a mocking tone making Minho roll his eyes but couldn't help but smile a little. "You're so not funny Jonghyun-hyung."
"So, whats wrong Minho, tell your Hyung?" Minho kept silent for a few minutes. Jonghyun thought he wouldn't answer, when Minho started talking. "I think I'm in love." "...Isn't that great?! Why that long face? Who is she?" "..." "Minho?" "It's a guy, his name is Taemin" Jonghyun was shocked for a moment and then fell into silence. "I-I see! Well, it's still great isn't it?!" "..." "I'll help you get him!" "Eh?!"

'That where still happy times' Minho thought.
He lost himself in his thoughts, when suddenly a hand squeezed his shoulder.
"You are thinking about Jonghyun again, aren't you?" Kibum said.
Minho sighed and burried his face in his hands "I can't help it."
Of course Kibum could tell Minho, that Jonghyun would return to Seoul from Vienna next month, but why shouldn't he let Minho suffer a little more?
It was him who used Jonghyun to get Taemin, all the while not realizing his or Jonghyuns feelings.
The time Minho realized he loved Jonghyun and not Taemin, Jonghyun was already in Vienna. Trying to heal his broken heart with music.
Thats right, Kibum will let Minho suffer a little more and then he'll make both Minho and Jonghyun happy, so he hasn't got to endure this lifeless Minho for the rest of his life.

"Kibum!" Jonghyun threw himself in the open arms of the slightly taller boy.
"aw, Jjong, I missed you so much!" that said, he squeezed the older boys breath out of him.
"ugh, Bummie, you're killing me"
"ah, sorry!" they heard a little chuckle
"aw, you two are so cute"
"shut up Jinki, come and welcome Jjong back"
"of course! Welcome back in Seoul Jonghyun"
"thanks hyung, I'm finally back"

The three boys left the airport and went straight to Jonghyuns and Kibums shared apartment.

After dinner they left the dishes to Jinki and Kibum pulled Jonghyun in the bedroom.
"so, what now?"
"eh, what do you mean?" Jonghyun eyed his best friend with a confused look on his face.
"come on Jjong, you know what I mean!" when his best friend still didn't seem to understand, he just simply said "Minho".
Jonghyuns confused face changed into a pained one, seeing that Kibum couldn't help but give a sad, knowing smile "you still love him, right Jjong"
"I can't keep anything from you, can I?"
"I'm not called allmighty for nothing, Jjong" Kibum said softly.
"you know, he loves you, too"
"no...he loves Taemin"
"no, they broke up shortly after you left."
"eh? but...but Minho he.."
"shh, he loves you, thats all you need to know and I won't allow you two to be sad the rest of your lives"
"you can thank me by being out at least 3 hours a day" Kibum said
Jonghyun giggled "I wouldn't want to be here, even if you didn't tell me to leave" 'I don't want to see disturbing scences of my best friend and his lover' he thought to himself.

Minho was again in his own world, when Kibum approached him.
Kibum sighed "Yah, Choi Minho!" Minho didn't seem to hear him though.
Kibum stops the urge to kick the ass of his junior and just shakes him violently
"wha..what..oh, Kibum-hyung, it's you" Minho said rather disapointed
"yeah, just me, you wanted a naked Jonghyun in front of you?" Kibum said sarcastically
Minho gave him an irritated look and looked away.
"he's here"
"he really is"
"you want him right? So you have to trust me. my apartment, make sure you come"
Minho couldn't trust his ears..Jonghyun? His Jonghyun came back from vienna??
He couldn't help the butterflies in his stomach flying chaotically.
Neither could he help his stupid smile, that took over his face the whole day.

It was a rather awkward atmoshphere, everyone was busy eating dinner.
Jinki sometimes tried to brighten the atmosphere, but ended embarrassing himself, like he had some kind of condition.
After dinner Jinki and Kibum took over the task to wash dishes, wich left Minho and Jonghyun in the living room watching TV and occasionally stealing glances at each other.
They didn't even notice that Jinki and Kibum left, they were too busy with each others presence.
"how where you these past 7 months?" Jonghyun asked.
Minho could have lied and told him he was fine, but he just couldn't.
"Minho?" Jonghyun was now facing his junior.
"Minho...?" Jonghyun placed his hand on his shoulder.
The younger man couldn't take it anymore, he pulled Jonghyun in a thight embrace, which cought the older one off guard and he gasped.
"I love you, hyung" Minho said, squeezing him more.
"I love you, I really do..I'm sorry. I realized it too late, it's my fault and I-I" his voice broke and he started crying.
Jonghyun hugged Minho back "you idiot..don't cry.."
Jonghyun could feel Minhos tears in the crook of his neck "I love you too, idiot"
Minho couldn't believe what he heard.
"Really??" he now faced Jonghyun and looked him straight in the eyes.
Instead of answering Jonghyun leaned over and kissed Minho.
At first Minho didn't know what to do, but then he just let his instincts take over and kissed him back.
They stayed like that for who knows how long, just kissing, embracing, snuggling and whispering nothings in each others ears.

Now they knew, they were made for each other and nobody could take this new found bliss from them.
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