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 So guys, I have all those ideas and plots in my mind, but I suck at writing them down as stories. It would be a shame not to write them down though! So here I am providing you with my ideas thanks to   [livejournal.com profile] shineeafterscho , thanks hon!
Anyway here are some rules:

1. If you want to take one of the plots do so, but comment here first and tell me which one and which pairing you want to use it with! This whole thing is on a come-first-serve-first basis!
2. Please credit me for the plot!
3. As soon as you post the first chapter, yes chapter, because all those plots are meant to be chaptered fics, but if you can turn the plot into a oneshot/doubleshot feel free to, but I doubt that, since the plots have a lot to write about. Anyway if you post a chapter please inform me, so that I can link it here!
4. You can change the plot in any way you want, but the foundation should be still there! I mean if I put up a plot with the characters meant to be, for example, actors and they turn out to be carpenters it has nothing to do with the foundtion. If I make them actors, then it's necessary for the plot to develop! So please don't change it!

Important: The following plots will be written as MinhoxJonghyun. I do that to ease the plot-writing, because it's more difficult to to put the plot across without any characters. Anyway, you don't necessary need to use MinhoxJonghynu! I'm pretty much open-minded what concerns the pairing. As long as it is somone from the Kpop/Jrock scene feel free to use them as pairing, so basically it has to be some asian artist!

Anyway, here are some plots. If I have more ideas, I'll write them down here!

Plot 1:
Jonghyun is a private detective with his own agency, solving crimes with some help of his team: Taemin the computer-geek, Kibum the detectives assistant (helping him with his investigations, like crossdressing and spying) and Jinki the houskeeper, keeping the house clean and occasionally providing Jonghyun with new missions.
On the way to one of his more dangerous missions he meets Minho, who instantly feels attracted to Jonghyun. Minho, from there on, doesn't leave Jonghyuns side and insists on
being accepted as Jonghyuns partner. For that he even talks to Jonghyuns investors (yes investors, where else is he getting all that expensive equipment?) Anyway, so Jonghyun has to accept him (Minho is kinda rich). He and Minho, from there on, go on dangerous missions together and withstand a lot of dangerous stuff together, which brings Jonghyun to slowly return Minhos feelings.

Plot 2:
Jonghyun is a well known model and still single! Of course his parents aren't pleased with that, so they want to change it! They speak with one of Jonghyuns fathers business partners and best friend. So in comes Minho, the son of that business partner! He has the brains, the looks, the manners and is rich! What else could one possibly want in a partner? That's what he is on the outside though! In the inside he is a sadist who loves to make Jonghyun go crazy. So Jonghyuns father invites Minho to his house for some time, Minho the sadist he is, gladly accepts and is living with the Kims from there on. Jonghyun still doesn't know why Minho lives with them and that he is his fiance, Minho asks Jonghyuns parents to keep still saying "I want him to fall for me first". With Minho comes a time of tease, fun and misery.
Minho getting easily jealous considering that Jonghyun and fellow models have to take shots in some questionable poses for the camera! Jonghyun getting easily pissed!


I hope you like them! More to come in near future! Stay tuned!

Date: 2011-10-11 12:37 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] pain-is-ecstasy.livejournal.com
Hello~ Stumbled across your journal and these fic ideas ^____^ I am really liking the second one and want to site it so bad but I'm notoriously lazy so I just wanted to give warning that i might possibly be writing this.

Date: 2011-10-11 03:03 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] yaisa-forehba.livejournal.com
Feel free to use it, just tell me when you do :] I'd love to read it :D


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