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Title: "Demonic Child"
Rating: PG-15 (for now)
Genre: romance, angst
Warning: Mention of POSSIBLE MPREG
Pairing: JooMi
Disclaimer: unfortunately don't own any of them.
Summary: To what can a child grow up living in fear of knowing they are out to get you?

A/N: So, tell me if I should continue, I'm not too sure. It would be my first chaptered fic, and I'm a bit worried, it could be too big for me.


He was sitting in the corner of his room watching them, as they hushed in front of his windows, observing him and waiting for the barrier to vanish.

'Guess my times up huh? Like grandma said... she can only protect me while she's alive... Now I have to sit here and wait for them to break in... Wait patiently to get raped and pregnant. What the hell... I'm not some whore they can shoot their seed into! I'm only 19 years old... I didn't even have a decent girlfriend... not even my first time! God, I don't want some ugly shithead vampire to shove his dick into my ass! Why the heck can I get pregnant in the first place?! Fuck.'

The barrier got weaker by the minute, not long and they would break in and take him.

"Shit. I don't want to get gang-banged..."

"Is that so? Then I can help you,"

"What the-" he yelped.

"Who-, Why-, How?"

The stranger just smirked and sat down on a chair.

"I'm a vampire, I'm here to get you, and those little underlings out there are to weak to get past the barrier, unlike me as you see," his smirk grew wider.

"Shit. Great. Just great. So here comes fucking mister powerful to shove his dick up my ass. Just perfect! Why don't you wait a bit for your companions? Gang-banging me would be more fun right?! Ah, shit."

"You don't want to get laid by them, do you?" he chuckled lowly.

"No shit sherlock!"

"Then bear my child and I'll protect you from them, what do you say?"

"Heck no. Do I look like a cheap whore? I'm a man! Men don't get children! That's just sick!"

"Is that your final answer?"

But before he could answer the barrier vanished and the dark beings broke through the window, instantly grabbing him and ripping his clothes off.
He was scared like hell and couldn't think clear anymore.

"Bear my child and I'll protect you," the stranger said again.

His breath was uneven, he was surpressing a scream that wanted to make his way through his throat because of one vampire who wasn't too fond of cutting his nails.

"It's your last chance of not getting gang-banged you know,"

"Ahhh, shit! Fine! FINE! I'll bear your fuckin' child, just get those bastards off of me!"

"As you wish," the stranger was smirking again.
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