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Title: "Let's dream about them" -drabbles-
Author:  [livejournal.com profile] yaisa_forehba
Rating: Various, PG to R
Genre: Various, romance, fluff, crack
Warning: I probably messed the ratings up, cursing, possible out of character, unbeta-ed!
Pairing: Various, Umi x Rui, Tora x Saga, Kai x Uruha, Reita x Ruki, JongHo
Disclaimer: unfortunately don't own any of them.
Summary: Some drabbles

A/N: This is for [livejournal.com profile] paranoiascreams Happy birthday Unnie! I hope you like it!!!
A/N 2: First line is a snippet from "Black Tail" By Vistlip
A/N 3: I took some prompts from the SHINee generator, but as you can see not with SHINee pairings.
A/N 4: "Why is your hand down there" was inspired by a macro, where a cat was on someones crotch, I forgot where I saw it.

Concert [Umi x Rui] || 214 words || PG-13

'You dream while smoking a cigarette at the east entrance to Shinjuku station,
You’re just good-for-nothing, refusing to be a good listener

Flashing lights, crazy screams, bodies crunching together, heads spinning with dizziness,
melodious vocals, guitars harmonizing with bass, leading drums, ecstasy, lustfulness.

That's what a concert is made of.

Vistlip were just about to finish their last song 'Black Tail', maybe giving one or two encores after that. Umi couldn't care less. All he could think of was Rui. Him and nothing else.

Rui was so sexy with his brown locks, bass, tongue stuck out in concentration and sweat dropping from his body.
He could barely resist the urge to pin the bassist on the next wall and fuck him senseless whenever he saw him on stage. His stage presence was just so overwhelming, he couldn't breath properly.

The best part you ask?
The gazes and stares Rui sends him. They just screamed 'fuck me.'

Whenever a stare would linger too long on Umi, he would get so aroused, nearly forgetting he was on stage and had to play the guitar.

Just when the last song was ending, Rui send him the most arousing stare he ever got.
'You and me. After the concert. In bed. Naked.'

Oh yeah, Umi absolutely loved concerts.

Tequilas and when not to have them [Tora x Saga] || 255 words || R

One tequila, two tequilas, three tequilas, countless tequilas were gulped down in one night, intoxicating it's drinker, restricting his senses, his movements and logical thinking, making him light-headed, giggly, daring, unpredictable.

How would you react, if you are drunk on too much tequila? No, let me ask like this: How would you react, if a hot guy -Saga to be precise, your band mate, male, long year crush- would literally throw himself at you while you're in a drunken haze? He himself maybe even drank more than you, reacting different to alcohol, getting all horny, jumping you in the confines of a locked room.

He was kissing me like crazy, ripping my clothes off like he didn't have sex in years.
I liked it. I liked it a lot. In fact I already guessed he would be the dominant type of lover, I mean, it's totally fucking hot to lay back and enjoy the touches and kisses and all the "I love you" 's. No need for preparations he just fucked himself raw on my dick. Let me tell you, the best view one can get is from lying under your lover.

The next morning I woke up to a sleeping Saga and the mess we created in our drunken states. At first I was just scared, that he might have forgotten last night, that he might regret it, but then I remembered, what he said through the whole night. 'Tora, I love you.'

I mean, they don't say "drunks don't lie" for nothing, right?

Master and Servant [Kai x Uruha] || 274 words || PG

I seriously hate my life.

You ask why? Well, ... Yeah, I know, that I'm in a fucking successful band. Yeah, I know, that I'm THE Uruha of THE GazettE. Yeah I know, ... JUST SHUT UP AND LISTEN! Sheesh!

So, you ask why? Well, it was 5 days ago, that I lost that bet with Kai. I wish I could rewind time. Sheesh, I mean, who knew Kai was such a sadist? Yeah, THE Kai from THE GazettE.
Anyway, so I lost that bet, right? What? Oh I didn't tell what we betted on? Sorry. So I bet, that Miyavi would never leave his wife and turn gay for Gackt and Kai bet, that he would. The loser would have to be the servant of the winner for 3 weeks. So guess who won?

Yeah, Kai won. As if my life wasn't fucked up already. Sheesh.

What? No way I'm enjoying this shit! I mean, who would enjoy dressing up as a maid and serve Kai 24/7??? Always asking me to sit in his lap and play with his hair, laughing and showing off his cute dimples. What?? No, I didn't say they where cute! Don't accuse me of something I didn't say. He isn't cute, he is evil!

Sheesh, I said I don't enjoy this, stop accusing me already! No, I don't like sitting in his lap, playing with his hair, snuggling close to him, kissing him on the cheek, being intimate with him, sleeping next to him, waking up next to him. I don't like it.


Well, ...Maybe I do enjoy it... A little bit. Just a little bit though.

Why is your hand down there? [Reita x Ruki] || 192 words || PG

"Reita... What are you doing?"


"Why is your hand down there?"


Shit. Reita is totally trying to get me hard. And here I thought, I could get some sleep. That guy just has no end to his horniness! When was the last time I got more than 4 hours of sleep? Can my body keep up with this much 'love making', as Reita likes to call it?

"... Reita," shit I'm getting hard. Weird, why doesn't he kiss me anywhere? That's unusual... He just keeps rubbing my crotch... No, shit, I want to sleep some more, how am I gonna survive our schedules???

"Reita... Stop, I need to sleep some more!"


"Ouch! Hey, what are you doin'??? Don't press so hard! Shit," ugh, great. Now I'm not sleepy anymore. Just great.

"Ruki wake up! Whoa! What are you doing with the cat? ..... The cat got you hard?! ... Ruki, if you're that horny, why don't you just say so? It's not like I can't make some more love to you baby."

"What?! ..... Oh shit..."

Well, maybe I am the one, that has no end to his horniness.

Hello down there [ Minho x Jonghyun] || 230 words || PG

"Go to hell!"

I hear that a lot. Well, it's not like, it isn't my fault... I just love to tease my hyung, he is so cute when he's angry! And he's so small... It's just so adorable! I want to squeeze him!

He was sitting in the corner of his bed and pouted so adorably, I couldn't stop myself from going over staring at him.
I sat down next to him and took him in my arms.

"Hyung, I'm sorry,"

"You're not. You always mock me about my height, and after that, you'll just apologize and do it again the next day!"

"Hyung, I'm really sorry! Believe me!"

His pout just got bigger and I couldn't help but lean in and kiss him. God, I love his lips, they are so soft!

"Jonghyun, I love you,"



"... Me too, silly."

I knew he would forgive me! He can never be angry for too long!

Whenever we 'fight' and 'make up' he would get so clingy and never leave my side. I love that feeling. The feeling to be needed. I want him to cling to me forever.

The next day I did exactly the same, knowing he would be angry, regardless of how often I say it. His height is a sensible topic after all.

"Hello down there, hyung!"

"Go to hell Minho!!!"

Maybe I'm just too selfish.
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