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Title: "We prefer each other"
Author: [livejournal.com profile] yaisa_forehba  
Rating: R (slight sexual content)
Genre: fluff, romance
Pairing: JongHo, Onesided!JongTae
Disclaimer: unfortunately don't own them.
Summary: This time it's Minho's POV.

A/N: Sequel to  Preference can stand alone, though.
A/N 2: Um, I guess this is still taken from the prompt by [livejournal.com profile] crazyoverbishie   I kinda don't like how it turned out, yeah. BTW~ this is unbeta-ed, sorry for errors, I'm not a native speaker.

I wonder what Jonghyun-hyung is doing right know.
Oh, I bet he is already sleeping. He seems really tired and down lately, I wonder why.
I want to see his smile again, see his eyes sparkle, hear him laugh, talk to me happily.
I haven't seen that in a while, I wonder if he still loves me? He has to, right? He does, why else would he let me touch him, let me hold him in ways only the person that loves you would let you do? I guess I'll talk to him when I get home. Yeah, that would be the best.
I'll buy some flowers on the way home. Just to see that sparkle in his eyes again. He always told me it's too girly and cheesy, but I know he likes it. So cute. I miss him already, I want to hold him.

"Yah, Choi Minho!"

"What is it hyung?"

"Why are you always spacing out when I invite you to hang out, huh? Who is it, that occupies your head and keeps you from listening to your hyungs?"

"Ah, I'm sorry hyung, it's nothing."

"AH! I know! Our Minho is in love! He totally has to be in love! How cute, right Donghae?"

"Oh, Eunhyuk, your brain DOES function once in a while, doesn't it?"

"Awwww, hae, you're so mean! Tsk, wait til we get home."

"Maybe I am in love." I couldn't stop grinning at those idiot lovers.

"Aww, our Minho baby is growing up!"

"I gotta go now, can't let my love wait too long, right?"

"Right, right! Enjoy yourself!"

When I came home he was already sleeping, as predicted. Naked. I couldn't stop staring at him. Oh god, why does he have to sleep naked?! I want to touch him. But I don't want to wake him up. Shit.

A rustle on the bed caught my attention "You're awake hyung," I said and walked towards the bed, making it shift under my weight. My heartbeat increased. I started trailing butterfly kisses all over his body, stopping between his shoulder blades, grinding my still limp member against his thigh, drawing moans from him.
God, I love his voice when he sings, but his aroused voice is just too sexy, it's addicting.
Everything on him is addicting, his smile, his voice, his laugh, his tears, his smell and taste. God, he tastes so good!

"Hyung, I want you," I couldn't stop myself anymore. I want him so bad, no one else can draw those emotions from me. It was always him, from the first moment I layed eyes on him.
Always him.

"Take me, Minho." God, this voice. He drives me crazy! I'm going insane because of him!

It ended up with me between his legs, sucking his dick and him a moaning mess.
I love to pleasure him, I love it when he moans, knowing that I'm the only one able to make him like this. I love it, when he repeats my name like a broken record. I love loving him.


"What is it, Taemin?"

"Leave him,"



"I can't, Taemin."

"WHY?! Why can't you? What does he give you, besides pain and agony? I can give you so much more, much more than he ever did or will!"

"Because I'm his preference."

Taemin that brat! Trying to take Jonghyun from me? I won't allow it!
So I went up to Jonghyun, knowing we will be alone for some time, the others busy with their schedules.



"Hyung, you love me, right?"


"SAY YOU LOVE ME! ...Please..."


"I love you hyung, so much! It's driving me crazy seeing you like this! Not smiling at me, your caring words for me long gone. I hate it. I hate it, knowing that you don't love me back...knowing that maybe, I'm forcing myself on you, that maybe you never loved me from the beginning. It hurts so much..." I couldn't stop the tears from falling no matter how much I tried.

"You...Love me...? I...I-I thought you don't love me...?"

"What are you talking about? I always loved you and I always will love you, no matter what!"


"Why are you crying, hyung...?"

"Because I'm happy."

"Why are you happy? I-I don't understand."

"Because I love you too, silly." He loves me? He loves me. He loves me! Oh god, he loves me!

"Hyung! I love you!" I squeezed him as tight as I could.

"Ugh, Minho, I'm suffocating..."

"Ah, sorry..."

"Will you kiss me, Minho?"

How could I say no to this request? Especially with those puppy-eyes-look of his.
So I kissed him, trying to put all my love in this one kiss.

I knew it. I'm his preference, right? He prefers me exactly like I prefer him.

We are fated!

So cheesy.
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